Topflite Rat & Mouse Nibble Sticks Twin Pack

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Keep the little gnashers of your rats and mice trim and healthy while feeding them the superior choice in rodent nibble bars.

These nibble sticks are made using the best quality seeds and pellets available, making this premium hand-made-in-New Zealand treat twice as nice for your rats and mice.

1: High in nutritional value to ensure your rats and mice are in top condition.

2: Helps keep their teeth trim

3: Meeces love these to pieces

Feeding guide: Serve as part of a complete diet. Always provide new food and water daily. Vary their diet with a small portion of fresh fruit and vegetables every second day too. Despite what the film Mousehunt might tell you, it’s best not to feed your wee guy or gal dairy products and cheese (as this can make animals smell funny). We do recommend watching Mousehunt however.

Store in a cool dry place.