SPIN Accessories UFO Maze Dispenser


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Product Details

One SPIN Interactive Feeder bowl can be combined with any other interchangeable SPIN accessories to create variety and make the feeding process easier or more difficult.

All SPIN accessories are made from 50% recycled plastic (PCR) and can be used in an Interactive Feeder.

SPIN Slow Feeder Accessories – UFO Maze Dispenser

New from PetDreamHouse, SPIN Accessories are designed to provide a unique and interactive feeding game for your pet when added to the SPIN Slow Feeder base. The UFO Maze Dispenser is designed to create an extra difficulty level with the SPIN UFO Maze as it will only release food or treats occasionally, creating an extra challenge for pets and increasing the slow feeding process.

Please remember your dog’s safety is your responsibility. Choose only toys that are the appropriate shape and size for your dog and always supervise your dog’s use of this toy,

If damage occurs, please discontinue use of the toy immediately.