PitchDog Fetch Ring

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Tug it… toss it… roll it… float it! There are so many ways to use the PitchDog to keep your dogs mentally stimulated and physically challenged.


The PitchDog is made out of a unique proprietary material (not rubber) that is safe, nontoxic, scentless, lightweight, durable, strong, and does not damage or wear down your dog’s teeth and gums. The resilient material actually lets your dog’s teeth sink deep inside it, without the toy losing its shape and strength. Dogs love the gentle squishy feeling when they chomp down on the ring and we’ve found this toy quickly becomes a favorite, especially if you transition back and forth between playing fetch and tugging.

The PitchDog has an ergonic shape with grooves that make it easy for you to hold. When playing in water, the PitchDog floats on top of the water so that it’s easy for your dog to find.

The PitchDog is not intended to be used as an unsupervised chew toy, but we experienced no problems with allowing dogs to chomp on the toy as they retrieve it and also as a reward at the end of play or training time. We just took the PitchDog away when the interactive session was over.

Toy of unique material, similar to that used in the production of Puller. It is lightweight and very durable. It does not hurt the gums and teeth of the dog and protects your hands during the game. And it is completely odorless.

PitchDog – new interactive toys from COLLAR Company. They will allow pet owners to get acquainted with advantages of our unique material. Dog will love them for sure! Unique material –

Midi 20cm, Standard 28cm


Blue, Green, Midi Blue, Midi Green, Midi Orange, Midi Pink, Orange