LOL Ruffle Snuffle Ball


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Snuffle balls are fantastic enrichment toys for dogs (and cats). They provide mental stimulation, enrichment and entertainment as they search and snuffle their way to find the hidden treats buried in the mat.
Simply hide treats or biscuits in the Snuffle ball and watch them go. Your pooch will love snuffling away to find food in the thick layers of fleece. There are numerous benefits when using a Snuffle balls. It helps to slow down speedy eaters or make mealtime more fun for the fussy eaters; it can put energetic puppies to sleep, entertain inquisitive minds or calm anxious dogs. It is also great for dogs with limited mobility and to make crate time more fun.

Please note that the colours are chosen at random. Price is per ball.

Please remember your pet’s safety is your responsibility. Please always supervise your pet during feeding time. If damage occurs, please discontinue use of the product immediately.