Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chicken Liver 400g


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Bostock Bros organic, free range boneless chicken liver. Liver is very important to a raw feeding diet and 5% should be added. However please never feed over 5% on a long term basis as this becomes hard for your pets own liver to digest long term, causing Vit A toxicity. Dried liver is three times as potent as raw liver, but can sometimes be easier to digest for some pets.

The top nutrients in liver are Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Copper and Folic acid.

Bostock Brothers Organic Free Range Chickens live longer, happier lives than any conventional free-range chicken. On our orchard, the chickens grow naturally so as a result the meat is better formed, it’s higher quality and superior tasting. They are antibiotic, hormone, GMO, chlorine FREE.

Our flocks thrive on a wholesome diet of certified organic, lush, green grass and our juicy organic apples as well as our home-grown feed, including corn and barley.

Our chicken is air chilled and chlorine free, which means no chlorinated water is used to cool the meat.

We focus on quality, not quantity, and are committed to producing better tasting chicken, that has been nurtured from the pasture to your carnivore’s bowl.

Compostable packaging can be returned to us with your next order.