Boneless Chicken Mince 2kg



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Chicken is a very good source of lean protein which supports muscle growth and development. Chicken is abundant in selenium, an essential mineral which aids metabolic performance. It also contains phosphorus, an essential mineral which supports your pet’s teeth, bones, kidney, liver and central nervous system function. The Vitamin B6 in chicken keeps blood vessels healthy and energy levels high. It contains Vitamin B6 which is known to prevent bone loss as an animal matures as well as being important for a healthy heart. It is an excellent source of niacin which is a B- Vitamin that guards the body against cancer. Furthermore, chicken is high in retinol, alpha and beta-carotene which are all derived from Vitamin A and vital for healthy eyesight.

This is a boneless mince and you will need to add 200g of organ and 200g of bone to make this a balanced meal.