Arctic Sammy Wanaka Climbing Rope Leash

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Product Details

Arctic Sammy’s dog leashes are designed and made in New Zealand by dog owners who know exactly what you want. Only using the best materials, we make sure you are ready for your next great adventures with your best friend!

Made out of tested rock climbing rope and carabiners, this dog leash is the most durable and comfortable leash available. The Wanaka leash provides you with the best control over your dog while being gentle on your hands. The locking carabiner ensures that your dog can’t become unclipped and is easy and fast to use – no more fiddling around with small clips that can’t be trusted. The rope material does not absorb much water and drys fast which avoids nasty smells.

All leashes are made in New Zealand and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Are you ready for your next trip with your pup?

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