Arctic Sammy Travel Bowl


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Keep your pups happy + hydrated with our brand new Backcountry Travel bowl! Designed to provide your pup with food and water on the go, the packable dog bowl fits 1.25L of water (or 3 cups of kibble) which is plenty for the thirsty ones and yet compact enough for a quick sip along the track.

The extra stretch strap lets you roll the bowl into itself for a tidy pack down and fits perfectly in our Trail Pack. Comes with a mini carabiner to clip to the outside of your Trail Pack, Backpack or belt.

100% waterproof materials guarantee that your water won’t go anywhere overnight at camp.

  • 100% leakproof material
  • Folds down and can be rolled into itself
  • Carabiner to attach to Trail Pack
  • Fits 1.25L of water or 3 cups of kibble

8 metre